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Tavira known as the Venice of Algarve, it lies right across the river Gilão. The Roman bridge built in the 12th century, survived the 1755 earthquake and is one of Tavira’s main attractions. The other lures of this quaint Portuguese city are the everyday buildings that line its streets, along with its 37 churches and ancient Moorish castle the battlements of which boast the best views in Tavira.

Today Tavira also boasts 18th century architecture which replaced buildings destroyed by the earthquake thus leaving the imprint of the Renaissance on Tavira along with that of its former Moorish occupation. A few medieval Gothic buildings also remain adding to the scope of what to see.

When you've had your fill of azulejos and views of the terracotta rooftops, wander back down to the leafy riverfront and find a quiet spot for a drink. It is here that the old market building can be found, with its cafés, boutiques and temporary exhibitions. Fishing is still a mainstay of the local economy and the fishing boats are moored just beyond the old market. This also means that restaurants are supplied with fresh fish every day.

Map of Faro Airport Transfer to Tavira

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Faro Airport Transfer to Tavira details

  • Faro Airport Transfer to Tavira takes approximately 0h45 minutes
  • The distance between Faro Airport and Tavira is 40 Km
  • Express Transfers provide Faro Airport Transfers to Tavira