Faro Airport Transfer to Porches


Porches sits just off the EN125 main road and makes for a superb quiet rural holiday base, yet within easy reach of the beaches and holiday attractions in and around Albufeira.

The place is distinctive for its cluster of classic white regional-style houses punctuated with striking filigreed chimneys.

Porches Pottery Factory was founded in 1968 to revive a local craft and preserve ancient Iberian and Moorish patterns. Each piece is hand-glazed and painted in a free-flowing style in blue, green and turquoise.

Renowned as a centre for Algarve Pottery, there are two fine potteries in Porches including Porches Pottery and Olaria Pequena. Both produce extensive hand painted pieces and are well worth a visit. See weblinks right for details on both.

Map of Faro Airport Transfer to Porches

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Faro Airport Transfer to Porches details

  • Faro Airport Transfer to Porches takes approximately 1h00 minutes
  • The distance between Faro Airport and Porches is 50 Km
  • Express Transfers provide Faro Airport Transfers to Porches