Faro Airport Transfer to Loulé


Loulé is a city and a municipality in Portugal with a total area of 764.2 km² and a total population of 62,295 inhabitants. Loulé proper has a population of 12,103.

The municipality is composed of 11 parishes, and is located in the District of Faro.

Loulé, the racy, cosmopolitan lifestyle of the world's leading tourist centres. A long ribbon of fine, golden sand tucked between the blue of the sea and the bold ochre of the cliffs. The splendour of tiles in a chapel that is itself a work of art.

The changing greens of the orchards and the woods of the hills. An endless variety of decorated chimneys, carefully wrought in a filigree of whitewashed stone and art.

Wide open spaces where it is possible to rediscover the meaning of solitude and listen to the silence of nature. With all this and more, Loulé municipality is a place of sunshine and colour, fun and excitement.

Map of Faro Airport Transfer to Loulé

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Faro Airport Transfer to Loulé details

  • Faro Airport Transfer to Loulé takes approximately 0h20 minutes
  • The distance between Faro Airport and Loulé is 20 Km
  • Express Transfers provide Faro Airport Transfers to Loulé