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Alcoutim is a pretty village on the banks of the Guadiana river, about 40km north of Vila Real de Santo António. As long ago as 2,500BC the region around Alcoutim attracted people because of the deposits of copper, iron and manganese and in Roman times a number of mines were established. The ores were smelted locally and then shipped down the Guadiana to the Mediterranean.
Alcoutim became quite an important settlement as it is here that the river becomes tidal and the ships often had to wait for hours for the tides.
The remains of a 14th century castle can be seen on the hillside overlooking Alcoutim and now houses a small archaeological museum.
They are visible reminders of the times when Portugal and the kingdom of Castile were at war with each other, and it was in the middle of the river opposite Alcoutim that Kings Henrique and Fernando I signed a peace treaty.

Map of Faro Airport Transfer to Alcoutim

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  • Faro Airport Transfer to Alcoutim takes approximately 1h15 minutes
  • The distance between Faro Airport and Alcoutim is 95 Km
  • Express Transfers provide Faro Airport Transfers to Alcoutim